Xsens Motion Capture for Indie studios


Production-grade motion capture technology for indie developers and young studios


Xsens offers flexible hardware, software and cloud-processing options that are designed to support up-and-coming talent, making it easier to access Hollywood-grade motion capture on a budget. It provides indies, young studios, and game developers with a more affordable way to bring projects to life, without having to compromise on quality.  

Grow your business by creating realistic content on the fly and enhancing the agility of your production, all while maximizing the time and talents of your team.

Xsens is here to equip you with the same triple-A quality tools used in the industry, at an entry-level budget. It provides you, the creator, with a jump start by enabling you to integrate the Xsens MVN motion capture into your pipeline for just the cost of hardware.

Your software subscription of MVN Animate Basic is free, and Xsens MotionCloud allows HD-processing and collaboration on a subscription basis. Configure the system that will perfectly fit your needs and budget. Chose the Xsens MVN Motion Capture for the price that fits your Indie program.


MVN Animate - DanceMeet Xsens Motion Capture solution

Xsens Motion Capture solution for character animation includes several tiers for hardware, software and cloud processing options. You can customize and overall package and tailor it to your individual needs and requirements.

Learn about available options below or contact us and we will get in touch to support you.

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